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(This is the old demo, we are significantly altering the game: check the blog post for more details. By default, press J to accept and K to cancel, or hook up your game controller. You can reconfigure the keyboard or controller in the Options menu.)

Hegemone Pass is a Stealth JRPG set in the Greek Underworld, where combat and exploration are tied together by an alert system. Follow the story of the goddess Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld… who is no more, as her title has been stolen by her very mother, Demeter!

This pilot-styled demo features an exclusively crafted story for the demo with many cutscenes, a large level to explore and stealth by foes, and a boss at the end of the road. Please, try it out, and give your feedback!


  • A JRPG & Stealth Game!
  • Adorable cast of humans, gods and monsters!
  • Unusual take on a Greek Mythology classic.
  • Side-scrolling Platforming exploration!
  • Turn-Based JRPG with a unique Timeline system!
  • Easy to use stealth mechanics accessible for beginners!
  • Equip flowers as your equipment!
  • Empower your allies or oppress your foes with the leader titles!
  • Three party members with their own abilities and strengths


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Demo for Windows (v1.21) 39 MB
Demo for Linux (v1.21) 44 MB


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Fair warning, this comment is pretty long.

I did try to record this game, and I'm not sure why, but obs recorded everything fine except any part where I was walking around. It displayed fine, but just didn't record any video of that (it did sound though). Had to scrap it because most of my playthrough was in the game world. It just displayed a black screen. If I got a telepathy call, it was able to see that, but still nothing once it was over.

Now the battle system, aesthetic, and music and pretty darn good! And the story is good, but I literally spent almost an hour playing and too much of it being nothing but exposition or explaining game mechanics. I feel like as a demo, it sets up too much of the lore and story of the game, for a demo it just needs a taste, not a a whole plate, and also to not have a the save room implemented when the game can take a whole hour (or longer, I gave up because I couldn't find the exit and was already taking too long) was a terrible idea. The constant stopping to tell me about things or just talking got super annoying and I probably would have tried to finish the demo had the save room been implemented, and I wouldn't have gotten burnt out from just constant conversations.

I read the blog post hoping for maybe where I can find an up to date demo since this one is "old." I think I'm a little dissapointed that the leader roles and stealth are going away. I don't really understand why people weren't getting it, it was pretty straight forward, but I think just the constant slew of information might have led people to not read things, I know I'm definitely guilty of that as the more information the game was giving me over a short amount of time, I just wanted to play.

I did play around with the different roles, and I think the debuff one (i forgot the name for it sorry, the one Emelie has) was working, but it was hard to tell for about all the time, cause even with her being the leader, there were attacks that were still only dealing one damage. Which also brings me to my last gripe, normal/physical attacks are just about pointless since most of the time they were only dealing only a whopping 1 damage (even emelie's double strike was super low for a tecnique), which was really annoying when it became all i had left when sp was gone, which happened often because they share the pool, which doesn't make that much sence, unless it's all just from Persephone, in which case it just makes no sense for them to use their powers if they're not a leader. It would be much better if they all had their own sp pools, that way you can better focus strengths of the units (healing, reviving, weaknesses, or if nothing else, scanning).

I wish I had a video to show you, but as I mentioned, most of it was just black screen. Sorry this was so long, but wasting an hour to record it, but having it all mess up, and I don't think it was because of obs since it recorded everything else perfectly, even the sound during those parts, I had to make that time worth it in some way. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer, and I'll keep an eye out for this game again when it gets updated or rereleased.

Game has to be run in terminal because file manager considers the executable file as 'Shared library' instead of executable.

Also, the controls are not working properly. The up in the L-Analog stick works as both up and select. Only WASD works in the keyboard.